In Vase you’ll experience the time stretching and will be sucked into the dark side of the human mind, the body will follow the 'serpent-thoughts' we all experience from time to time: "Throw the baby in the fire" - "Jump of the bridge". When you have them, you wonder: “how could they get so close, were do they come from and what if I allow them to grow”, so you push them away with fear or ridiculousness and behave again like a model citizen. This thought process would be translated in movements that change quickly without resulting in a fixed form, often weak or broken. Scene after scene you will go deeper into the strangeness of the mind resulting into the most scary and absurd situations.   

The isolated atmosphere in which this production will bade in, will be submerged into a clean and clinical space. Vase, an aesthetic styled piece where lighting is a main character aims to visually represent an unusual camera angle for a theatre space. Inspired by the camera angles in Citizen Kane we try to reproduce this effect with lightning and shades that gives the audience a distance from the real presence.

Together with the characteristic dance movement, the piece will be constructed using non-linear editing and avoiding a clear narrative line. By doing so we create a vivid dialogue between beauty and roughness.

Concept and directing: Lies Serdons

Dance and creation: Melissa Guerin (FR – Jan Fabre), Hugo Mega (PT) and Flory Curescu (NL)

Music: Daniel Sikora

Lights: Wim Hermans – Eurogrip


With support of: Kunstencentrum België, Stad Hasselt, Stad Genk, Theater op de Markt, ASAP, Groep Casters, Hands, Idearté, Maasmechelen Village, Machiels Building Solutions NV, NV Kumpen, Verzinkerij Lenssen