If nothing more is available in the solitude of a deserted forest and when fear takes over, the brain and body pursuit a way out.


The Woods is an intense and rough dance duet that arises from the perversity of the fundamentalist thought patterns, it gives an impression of the predominant negative attitude of any fundamentalist religion, which falls back to the heart of interpersonal relationships and the eternal struggle for power and the absolute truth. The constant human urge to make its voice heard is taking a dominant presence throughout the piece.

For The Woods, choreographer Lies Serdons was inspired by the similarities between Christianity, Islam and the Atheistic heresy. Also in the dance language she experiments with mixing Western classical ballet and influences from, for example, the animal body expression-based Oriental Butoh. The performance is a joint effort with Daniel Sikora (Theatre Academy Maastricht) and Melissa Guerin (De Munt and Troubleyn Jan Fabre), who translated the choreography to their own bodies. 

Dancers : Daniel Sikora, Melissa Guerin

Scenography: Joris Perdieus  

Lights : Wim Hermans