In The Missing you see a group of people who have been living in isolation for generations. A micro society that is unaware of the existence of others and thinks it stands alone. Inspired by the stories of Shin Dong-Hyuk, who was born as a second generation in a North Korean labor camp, testimonies from children who came into the world in sects, and the imagination of what would happen when the first colonies were based on Mars, choreographer Lies Serdons makes an abstract dance performance full of lyrical horror with themes such as desertification and overwhelming loneliness, but also romance, lust and human relations. You can expect a dance production with classical ballet that is interwoven with grotesque movements and metamorphoses that you suck into a world that is unfamiliar to your own.

Concept and choreography: Lies Serdons

Guest-creators: Irina Yakousheva, Johan Knuts, Sabine Miller.

Created with and danced by: Miguel do Vale, Rebecca Journo, Silvia Pezzarossi, Francois Vincent, Tom Grand Mourcel, Mohamed Boujarra.

Scenography: Joris Perdieus

Light: Wim Hermans, Eurogrip 

Supported by: de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, provincie Limburg, stad Hasselt, Het Nieuwstedelijk,

C-mine Cultuurcentrum, GC De Kriekelaar, Stichting de Moffarts

Sponsors : Group Machiels, Idearte, Trixxo, Omnibeton, Hands, Vestio, Kolmont woonprojecten, Comfort Energy, Bouwbedrijf Houben, Mediahuis

Thanks to: Eric Donckier, Kristof Vrancken