Dancers : Sophy Ribrault, Irina Yackoucheva, Ines Lopez

Scenography: Pieter Geenen

Lights : Wim Hermans  

Coach : Franck Chartier 


The “time-in-between” is the short space between 2 moments. The moment between action and reaction, between cause and result. A moment of instinct, of emotional and physical searching before we are consciounceness acting. In this dance-performance this moment will be magnified and time will be stretched. Choreographer Lies Serdons and video artist Pieter Geenen create with Impact a feeling of infinity, a moment of stillness, of slow evolution and constant repetition. The choreographies of Lies Serdons lie deep in the traditional dance-methods filled with symbolism. For this peace she worked with dancers who each own their own discipline and dance dialect. This diversity contributes to the stratification of this dance piece. ​