Dancers : Sophy Ribrault, Irina Yackoucheva, Ines Lopez

Scenography: Pieter Geenen

Lights : Wim Hermans  

Coach : Franck Chartier 


The “time-in-between” is the short space between 2 moments. The moment between action and reaction, between cause and result. A moment of instinct, of emotional and physical searching before we are consciounceness acting. In this dance-performance this moment will be magnified and time will be stretched. Choreographer Lies Serdons and video artist Pieter Geenen create with Impact a feeling of infinity, a moment of stillness, of slow evolution and constant repetition. The choreographies of Lies Serdons lie deep in the traditional dance-methods filled with symbolism. For this peace she worked with dancers who each own their own discipline and dance dialect. This diversity contributes to the stratification of this dance piece. ‚Äč