The Hunting Place series part 1 - MO

5/08/2020 - 9/08/2020 @Theater op de Markt  - RESEARCH industrial robot KUKA 


Research period performance series

The Hunting Place series 2020 - 2021

The Swimming Pool

New dance production 2021

The Missing 

18/12/2019 The Missing (pt 0,5 the performance) @Labiomista Genk, Human Rights Pavilion

02/11/2019 The Missing (full piece) @CC Zeepziederij Bree

14/09/2019 The Missing (pt 0,5 the performance) @Vooruit Gent, Night Shift

17/05/2019 The Missing (full piece) @C-mine Genk

11/12/2018 The Missing (full piece) @GC De Kriekelaar Brussel

08/12/2018 The Missing (fill piece) @ De Nieuwe Zaal Hasselt